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Business Advertisement     (8/5/14)

In this day and age the world has changed in business promotion strategies, from being in the papers, handing out fliers, to the technological age of tablets, computers, phones, emails and Internet Websites. It’s important to stay up to date with these current advertisement strategies or else we will be as those businesses that have closed their doors due to lack of keeping current in marketing strategies. But in what ways can we utilize these strategies to grow our businesses into ones that will flourish and keep us ahead of our competition?

Website Visibility

                Website visibility is one of the key aspects in marketing tools for all industries. Whether you are in our industry of awards and recognition and or promotional products and printing all businesses can benefit from this wonderful tool. Did you know that nearly 40% or 3 Billion people have access to the internet around the world? Meaning your website can access all of those people if it is utilized correctly.

                So what should your website have you might ask. CONTENT…….CONTENT…….CONTENT. Google and many other search engines have algorithms set up for people to type in a word or phrase and come up with the best results based off people’s website with the most concise answers to their search. Meaning if your website is all pictures, few words and little information…..it’s just another website in the vast pages of the internet. Use your website to benefit you. Explain what you do, why you do it, what’s new in your industry and how you are staying ahead of the game. People want to know this type of information. And by keeping your website up to date through utilizing current business marketing strategies, it will keep you ahead of the game in the constant changing technological world we live in today. 


Keeping Business Morale      (7/23/15)

In business, the main goal of the company is to SERVE their customers. By giving quality service to the customers it can lead to a long lasting business relationship with them. But at times we might lose focus of who the driving force behind the customer relationship is………Employees! Some work tirelessly to keep customers happy and go above and beyond to please the customer. Are those not the employees you want to keep around, and possibly want more of? So how do we keep these types of employees? What can we do?

                All of us want to feel appreciated and worth something. We occasionally want to feel special, same with our employees, we should make them feel special and have them know they are doing a wonderful job and we appreciate their service to the company.

                So what should you do? Recognize them! This can be in the form of a small luncheon for them, or even giving them an award. Awards are great ways to make someone feel special. If you ever received an award in the past, maybe at school, or a team sport. How did you feel about it? Didn’t it make you feel special? Maybe you got that warm fuzzy feeling inside? Same can be with our employees. Whether it be them seeing their name on a plaque, hanging on the wall of the office where people and customers can see it. Or a small award that goes on their desk. There are many options and inexpensive ways to KEEP your wonderful employees happy. You could do a Plaque, Coffee Mug, Pen, Desk Set, or to be even more personal, if you know something they enjoy doing customize something with their name so that it’s unique. By providing things like this people can see the appreciation shown for the work that they do for the business. By regularly recognizing employees it helps them to grow and want to continue working for you and enjoy what they do. And by having driven employees this allows for your business to be driven to excel and in turn make everyone happy. A Win-Win for all.